Man's Best Friend


Owning a dog is a very big commitment; It is like having your very own child. Before investing in one of your own, you should make sure that you will be able to handle it. However, they are phenomenal pets. Man’s best friend is less than accurate when describing a canine. 

Owning a puppy is a worldwide enjoyment.  A good relationship between a dog and master can be stronger than human bonds. Your dog is the only one who always greets you when you arrive home or wake up with the same enthusiasm. A dog is the best shoulder to cry on as well. No dog will abandon you when you are in a slump; in fact, they are more likely to pull you out of it. These animals provide the perfect date for an evening picnic as well. I cannot count the priceless memories I have of my dogs and I playing Frisbee on a beach or at the park. Though seemingly insignificant, these memories last a life time.

Giving a pet the attention it deserves, should’t be hard, as long as you make an effort. They are not picky, as long as they are being loved. They will settle for crummy beat up shoe or tennis ball to play with, if it means they get your attention. It is always advisable to look for a way to train your puppy because it provides an easier relationship and avoids bad behavior and unpleasant “accidents” with your new friend furry. When you buy a puppy, you take on a huge responsibility. But with this responsibility comes great memories!

By Chuck R. Steward

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