Vintage style home interiors have become increasingly popular with exquisite decorative touches and vintage home accessories. So what is it about this look that homeowners love so much?

First of all, the cost is one of the most attractive elements of choosing a vintage look. It can easily be achieved on a small budget, so those of us who can’t afford wrought iron furniture and chandeliers need not despair! There are a whole load of creative little tricks that can be used to save money, while still producing a stunning and stylish home environment.

With a timeless element, vintage is a look that will last. Unlike some modern looks that require specific styles of appliances and accessories, the vintage look is eclectic and can easily be added to over time. A few new items added to it can make a wonderful impact when you want a bit of a change – rather than having to get rid of last year’s items.

It’s also hugely about re-using and re-vamping, because mixing old and new is the way to achieve the perfect vintage home. You can salvage old furniture and spruce the room up with some elegant decorations in a vintage style – which is not only manageable in terms of cost, but environmentally beneficial too.

While a vintage look does require a certain amount of work in reviving old items, it can also be a lot of fun. Odd chairs can be painted to match each other; or even to mismatch! A wood stain or a coat of white or pastel paint can make all the difference to shabby dining furniture or a kitchen counter.

Another lovely element to the vintage style is that it can be truly personalized. It’s the collection and placement of items collected from your life, complemented by subtle decorative accessories.

Delightfully, vintage home accessories are often not only beautiful, but functional as well. Because the whole look harks back to a time when household items were built to last and be decorative as well as useful, kitchen accessories and items such as racks and hooks are at the core of vintage beauty.

A vintage country look is perhaps one of the most pleasing and easy to achieve. A mix of colorful patterns alongside white or light painted furniture will bring this clean, fresh look to your home.

By Debbie Wright Norfolk

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